Strategyn UK becomes ZinC Growth Consultancy,

Jan 1

Strategyn UK, the independent UK licensee of Strategyn Inc.'s Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) methodology, today formally announces it will be trading as ZinC Growth Consultancy. Chris Lawer, ZinC founder and his team combine their ten year experience delivering Outcome-Driven Innovation to global companies in multiple sectors with an advanced set of new market- and customer-centred perspectives, tools and frameworks to help companies grow and sustain their performance in current or new markets. READ MORE…


Getting the right inputs into the health innovation process

Jan 23, 6.01PM

NB: This is an excerpt from a forthcoming paper: Health Opportunity Design®: Re-Inventing the Front-End of Health Innovation It is widely understood that stakeholders throughout the health care ecosystem evaluate, select, procure and use health care technologies, devices and drugs... READ MORE…

Big Data and the Unmet Need Gap

Jan 17, 4.07PM

It's that time of year when online commentators offer their insights on what we can expect to be big in healthcare during the coming twelve months. Even a casual glance at the latest entries informs us that Big Data is... READ MORE…

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